David Brockdorff

(Has previously served on Council from 2013 to 2016.)

David Brockdorff is a highly experienced, senior-level professional business manager and director.

With a successful background as a communications consultant, campaign leader and advisor, he also has board-level experience across several companies in other sectors, and also supports with strategy, compliance and general business administration.

As Managing Director of BPC, he worked closely with major client organisations who work in and from Malta, and supported clients active in Africa and the Mediterranean Region. He combines deep-rooted consumer insights, and a pragmatic hands-on approach, with an extensive knowledge of marketing communications planning and execution. Worked extensively on crafting messaging and campaign narratives for a number of sensitive campaigns and assignments in both public and private sectors, and also advised on public relations, media relations and public affairs.

Prior to joining BPC, David worked in Italy and Belgium as Advertising Manager with the global confectionery giant Ferrero.

Other experience: served as Board Director of Beacon Media Group (Church Media), and past member of Council of The University of Malta.

He holds an MA in Marketing Management from the University of Lancaster (UK) and a BA Hons in Business Management from the University of Malta.