MEA is being pro-active by keeping employers well informed and advised how to act responsibly during COVID-19

These were the initiatives taken so far, to encourage Employers and SMEs to act responsibly viza-vi the COVID-19:

  • The publication of “dealing with covid-19 – employers manual”.
  • Facebook post to inform SMEs with all latest developments
  • Meaindex alerts, keeping everyone well-updated on covid-19 measures assisting the business community
  • Electronic updates which urged all MEA members to keep following MEA’s guidance how to implement a way forward.
  • A number of Webinars inviting MEA members to participate and ask questions to experts, on the present situation, with difficult circumstances.
  • Media presence, (on TV, Radio, Printed newspapers and social media) whereby MEA top officials expressed their positive views, sending clear messages to business entrepreneurs to handle the situation responsibly.

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