Graduation Day – Level 5 Course on ‘Leading People at the Work Place’ and ‘Resolving Conflict and Mediation’

On 28th September, Mr Joseph Farrugia, Director General of the Malta Employers’ Association together with Mr Joe Gerada the Managing Director of New Horizons Institute gave out the awards to the participants who successfully followed the level 5 Course on ‘Leading People at the Work Place’ and ‘Resolving Conflict and Mediation’. Mr Farrugia said that the feedback from industry about these courses was very good due to their practical application in real life work place situations. He said that the Association has been collaborating with New Horizons Institute for the last 4 years and shall be running the programmes again in 2022. Mr Gerada said that the programmes were mainly designed to impart skills which supervisors and managers can practice at their work place. He said that these programmes were meant to fill a gap in the training market where the participants acquire the skills how to lead and manage and not only obtain the knowledge about these things. A second important feature of the programmes is the fact that participants use the trainers on the courses as their consultants to discuss and evaluate situations which are important to them. This is done during and in between sessions. Therefore the course is not an end in itself but a means of building a professional relationship where the trainers assist the participants to develop in their role for the long run. Dr Clive Gerada, another trainer on the programme, said that the participants’ work experiences together with the case studies presented during the courses offered a realistic scenario of the challenges and opportunities that supervisors and managers have when leading others, effectively.

The 2022 courses in the series of ‘Leading People in the Work Place’  shall start in February, 2022.  Further details can be obtained by calling the Malta Employers’ Association on 21222992.

Pictures show some of the successful participants awarded.