The MEA Initiative

  1. MEA EQUIP-pilot project - including an ESF 4.255- EU co-financed initiative
  2. MOUs with entities related to inclusion 
  3. MEA tv Programmes related to inclusivity 
  4. Collaboration with Agenzija Sapport on EU Funded Project INK 
  5. The organisation of Courses on Diversity in the workplace 
  6. Workshops during a CRPD National Conference
  7. Becoming founder members of the Malta Business Disability Forum 
  8. Free participation during the EMPfest, to Entities working within the inclusivity sector 
  9. Circulation of a number of Electronic UPDATES about topics related to inclusivity
  10. Collaboration with FSWS on the S.A.F.E. programme
  11. New MEAINDEX online platform development to transform it to fully accessible and FITA compliant Website
  12. Promotion amongst MEA members of events, stories and information by third-parties, related to inclusivity
  13. Collaboration with other entities during the "Serrah Rasek" awareness campaign
  14. Contribution towards the Equality Act Public Consultation 
  15. Publishing of a number of position papers