We are proud to introduce to you our latest project by the name of MEAtoolbox. The MEAtoolbox is a project in the form of an online supplement to our Employers’ handbook, which one can find through the MEA website. It responds to the need, often expressed by our members, of an all-inclusive, single point of reference document for Maltese businesses. This document has been supplied with information relating to the Maltese business environment and has been carefully updated with the latest data over a period of time. It covers both the entities and information that the businesses should know about and also those that would provide further assistance but are not obligatory to make contact with.


The MEAtoolbox includes a background of SMEs in Malta and the yearly activities designed for their participation such as the yearly SME week events. This online handbook supplement also outlines the schemes and incentives offered by Malta Enterprise together with a description and eligibility criteria. Another chapter in the handbook is dedicated to listing schemes and incentives to businesses provided by entities other than the Malta Enterprise. Also in this supplement, there  is   a   chapter   dedicated   to aspiring business owners labelled as “Think-tank”. This chapter contains 7 inspiring steps for starting a business which prepare the person mentally before undertaking a commercial enterprise.


Another useful tool in this supplement handbook is the checklist which guides a person through the important procedures to follow, as soon as one decides to open a business. This includes acquiring licences and registering with relevant bodies amongst other things. Following the checklist, is a chapter listing all the entities authorised to issue trade licences together with a description of their licensing remit and contact information. The MEAtoolbox also contains a list of the Government Departments, Authorities, Regulatory Bodies, NGO’s and other entities which the business person may need to get in contact with at some point in the business life. The contact details of each of the number of entities in the list are clearly stated. The MEAtoolbox ends with a telephone directory of all these entities, included in one neat list, sorted in alphabetical order for the benefit of the reader. This document is equipped with an interactive table of contents which can take you to your required section in the document with just a click. The user of the MEAtoolbox has the option to search for a key word through the PDF find function.

This supplement to the MEA Employers' handbook is available in the password protection Section: Members Area.  Furthermore, the SME help-desk will make sure to keep the document up to date with any changes occuring in the business environment.