MEA signs collaboration agreement with FSWS

MEA signs collaboration agreement with FSWS

The MEA awarded prestigious recognition by the European Commission

The site of what was formerly an old power station in Tallinn, Estonia on November 23rd was packed with more than five hundred delegates from all over the European Union to attend the annual European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA) organized by the European Commission. Every year, a board of judges is appointed to decide on the best among hundreds of projects to win coveted prizes in different categories that are submitted by organizations from all over the EU.

Position Paper: Facing Malta's Demographic Challenges

During a Press Conference held on 6 November 2017, the MEA launched a position paper which highlights the need for a strategic approach to address Malta’s demographic challenges in the coming years.


MEA launched its latest project by the name of MEAtoolbox. It's a form of an online supplement to our Employers' Handbook.

MEA wins the 2017 NESA Award

MEA wins the 2017 NESA Award

MEA Memorandum to Political Parties

The MEA published its Memorandum to Political Parties.

MEA alarmed in face of a National Crisis

The MEA is alarmed at the extensive media reports that are constantly emerging, and accumulating, tarnishing Malta's reputation as a respected EU center for financial services.