Mitigation Measures

As COVID-19 restrictions are gradually relaxed, employers and workers must work together to adapt and promote safe work practices consistent with advice from public health authorities and to ensure that premises are ready for the social distancing and correct hygiene measures that are critical to the success of the transition.

Employers and workers must prevent the transmission of COVID-19 while at work, consistent with updated advice from the public health authorities. Employers and workers must prepare for the possibility that there will be cases of COVID-19 in the workplace and be ready to respond immediately, appropriately, effectively and efficiently, and consistent with specific recommendations from public health authorities.

Mandatory standards for mitigation measures for the Covid-19 transition phase issued under the Public Health Act chapter 465

Mandatory Standards and Guidance Documents

Advice and Guidelines to the Educational Sector for the Re-opening of Post-Secondary Schools and Institutions in Malta (September 2020)

Advice and Guidelines to the Educational Sector for the Re-opening of Kindergartens in Malta (September 2020)

Advice and Guidelines for Educational Sector (September 2020)

Standards for Choirs (27 August 2020)

Standards for Musicians and Orchestras (October 2020)

Standards for Places of Worship and Services (20 August 2020)

Standards on Use of Face Masks and Visors (October 2020)

Standards for Bars, Clubs and Similar Establishments (October 2020)

Standards for Restaurants, Pools and Hotel Accommodation (24 August 2020)

Standards for Transport Service Providers and for Passengers using Transport Services (August 2020)

Obligatory Conditions and Guidelines for Examinations (7 August 2020)

Standards for Gatherings and Events (August 2020)

Obligatory Conditions and Guidelines for Water Fun Parks (June 2020)

Obligatory Conditions and Guidelines for Casinos, Gaming, Betting Shops and Bingo Halls (June 2020)

Obligatory Conditions and Guidelines for Clinics Providing Private Health Services (June 2020)

Obligatory Conditions and Guidelines for Camping and Camping Sites (June 2020)

Obligatory Conditions and Guidelines for Libraries (June 2020)

Obligatory Conditions and Guidelines for Gymnasiums and Fitness Centres (June 2020)

Obligatory Conditions and Guidelines for Museums and other Cultural Places (June 2020)

Standards and Guidance for Hairdressers and Barbers (July 2020)

Standards and Guidance for Beauticians (July 2020)

Standards and Guidance for Nail Technicians and Nail Artists (July 2020)

Standards and Guidance for Massage Services (July 2020)

Obligatory Conditions and Guidelines for Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (June 2020)

Standards for Indoor Cinemas and Theatres (October 2020)

Standards for Tattoo Artists Studios (September 2020)

Registered Indoor Swimming Pools and Indoor Entertainment Areas Checklist (June 2020)

Obligatory Conditions and Guidelines for Spas and Saunas (June 2020)

Obligatory Conditions and Guidelines for Dance Schools and Dance Studios (June 2020)

Guidance for Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems (June 2020)

Obligatory Conditions and Guidelines for Open Air Markets (May 2020)

Obligatory Conditions and Guidelines for Outdoor Theatre, Outdoor Cinema, Drive-in Cinema (May 2020)

Standards and Guidance for Retail Outlets and Lotto Booths (July 2020)

Guidelines for the Return to Sport in Malta (August 2020)


In the interest of containing the spread of Covid-19 the Health Authorities have produced various guidance documents. These are found below and can be freely downloaded:

Guidance on Workplaces

Guidance for Offices and Workspaces (11 September 2020)

Standards and Guidance for Tourist Guides (August 2020) 

Guidance for Laundries and Launderettes (June 2020)

Guidelines for Voluntary Organisations (June 2020) 

Guidance for Dental Practices in Malta (June 2020)

Guidance for Workplaces in the Covid-19 Pandemic (April 2020)

Guidance on Site Home Visits during Covid-19 (April 2020)

Guidance for Supermarkets and Food Businesses (April 2020)

Guidance for Carers in Homes for the Elderly (May 2020)

Guidance for Taxi and Cab Owners and Drivers (May 2020)

Guidance for Resumption of Driving Tests - Theory and Practical (May 2020)

Standards for Media, for Filming and for Photo and Video Shooting (October 2020)

Guidance for Educational and Cultural Activities

Information for Schools Regarding the Medical Management of Children Attending Childcare, Kindergarten or School  English/Maltese (October 2020)

Guidance for Entities Responsible for/and Users of Outdoor Children Playing Fields (June 2020)

Guidelines for Child Care Centres (25 June 2020)

Guidance on How to Protect Yourself and Others

Guidance for persons who are at higher risk of developing complications (October 2020)

Ten Tips to Protect You and Your Family from Contracting Covid-19 (April 2020)

Guidance on the Use of Face Masks for Decreasing Covid-19 Virus Transmission (May 2020)

How to Make Your Own Face Masks (May 2020)

Guidance on Hand Washing and Use of Gloves (April 2020)

Guidance on Hand Sanitisers (from MCCAA) (March 2020)

Guidance Whilst Grocery Shopping (April 2020)

Guidance on Healthy Living during Covid-19

Guidelines on Healthy Eating during Quarantine (April 2020)

Guidance to Stay Physically Active (April 2020)

Mental Well Being (June 2020)

Guidance for Pregnant Mothers (March 2020)

Covid-19 and Breastfeeding (April 2020)

Guidance for People Living with Diabetes (April 2020)

Guidance for People Living with Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure (May 2020)

Covid-19 Outbreak - Recommendations for Good Practice for Cancer Patients, Survivors and Their Caregivers (March 2020)

Other Guidance

Guidelines for Animal Sanctuaries (July 2020)

Guidance for Domestic Waste during Covid-19 (April 2020)

Covid-19 Guidelines for Pets and Other Animals (April 2020)

Legal Notices

LN403 of 2020 - Organised Public Mass Events (Amendment No.5)

LN402 of 2020 - Mandatory Use of Cloth or Face Mask (Amendment  No.3)

LN244 of 2020 - Travel Ban (Extension to all Countries)(Amendment)

LN63 of 2020 - Period of Quarantine (Extension of Countries)

LN44 of 2020 - Service of Notice Relating to Enforcement of Quarantine Regulations

Latest information on travel

Legislation and List of Countries