Clarifications – Malta Enterprise

The below frequently asked questions were provided by a representative of Malta Enterprise.

1. What happens if public health authorities advise employees to quarantine for more that 14 days?

Most employees that are on quarantine that goes beyond the 14 days are those being refered as vulnerable persons. These employees would be eligible to apply for the Vulnerable Persons Measure, managed by the Department of Social Security. The Quarantine Leave Scheme managed by Malta Enterprise, giving a grant of €350 per employee is fixed irrespective of the length of the quarantine period, but must be at least 14 days.  

2. If a company as a whole does not fall under Annex A, but departments within the company clearly do, can the departments benefit from Annex A?

Applications cannot be submitted by department, yet if a company has more than one activity (for example 3 activities) of which one falls in Annex A, then it may submit an application in relation to the persons engaged in this activity severely adversely affected by COVID-19.  Malta Enterprise will evaluate these applications and reserves the right to accept or refuse accordingly.

3.  If a company’s NACE Code neither falls under Annex A nor Annex B  but the company was very evidently badly hit, can they still apply?

Companies should submit an application under the Covid Wage Supplement. Malta Enterprise will evaluate these applications and reserves the right to accept or refuse accordingly.

4.  According to a communication by the Minister of Education, private schools are to be considered under Annex A. What is the procedure for childcare centres? 

Malta Enterprise is also evaluating requests for the Wage Supplement from Child Care Centres, and assessing them on their own merit.

5.  Do employers need to submit a fresh application every month for the Covid Wage Supplement? 

An online process application is  going to be issued soon for businesses who want to reapply for the Wage Supplement beyond the 24th of April.

6.  How will part-time employees, including casual workers be paid?

Part-timers will be allocated an amount based on the average earning during the last few months before the outbreak of Covid-19, up to a maximum of €500.

7.  Will the schemes managed by Malta Enterprise be extended if the Covid-19 situation will prolong?  

Government is monitoring the situation and decisions will be communicated as soon as they are made.

8.  Is there a timeframe after which companies benefiting from the Wage Supplement may effect redundancies if need be?

There is no date. If they make any redundancies they have to inform us immediately and refund us any wage supplement balance which would have been assigned to that employee.